CashLlama: Cashmere’s Natural Alternative

CashLlama™ has already been discovered by the world’s eco fashion designers. Now, the fashion leaders of the world are joining the development of this groundbreaking new eco textile.

CashLlama™ is the result of a worldwide patented dehairing process, making it completely unique.

After painstaking research, one factory in the highest peaks of the Andes has developed a method of taking the Llama fleece, removing all of the coarse outer layers, and leaving only the soft, long strand inner layer. It is this soft inner layer which contains a softness, a strength and thermal qualities unique to Llamas and other camelids.

This process has created a NEW textile that is:

- as soft as Cashmere

- warmer than wool and Cashmere because of its hollow fibre

- less likely to pill than just about any other textile.

This site aims to provide the information to dispel the myths surrounding CashLlama™, to inform you, and allow you to make up your own mind about this exciting new development in the textile world.


Do not be fooled by imitations. Llama is not CashLlama™, just as Angorra is not Cashmere.
CashLlama™ ...... nature’s answer to Cashmere.